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Hello, I'm Paige. 19. Facebook me, look at some of my photography or ask me anything you're curious about:) I miss you Daddy


Crop tops and Chevron Palazzo pants

Details of this OOTD can be found on The In Between Girls blog


OOTD: Flowin’ Floral

Dress: LuLu*s, Belt: Ann Taylor (Thrifted), Boots: Steve Madden (Thrifted)

I know this outfit isn’t as *exciting* as a few of my recent ones, but I absolutely adore this dress. Any dress with sleeves light enough to wear in the summer is a perfect dress.

If you have submitted an anonymous question recently, I promise I have not forgotten about you! I’m trying to answer them intermediately, as to not clog everyone’s feed.

To answer several repeat inquires: I no longer have a personal blog that I update. However, I *do* have a new twitter that I’m going to try to use daily. You can follow me on twitter at @danielleroulx. As for the boyfriend questions, I’m in a relationship with this little cutie and very happy indeed. :]

I know the scenery of my backyard has been getting boring (at least for me!). Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to travel much in the past weeks due to a summer statistics course. However, I’m looking forward to getting out and amping up my pictures once the end of the month hits.

Lastly, thanks to everyone for all the wonderful feedback, I couldn’t be more grateful for all your kind words. ♥

Words that change any relationship (via brok3n-teens)

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I’ve never told anyone that before


Ladies and gentleman, 21 year old twins and child stars Dylan and Cole Sprouse.

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